by Albert Bivas

. . . Jokingly, first, the State of Israel has reached retirement age, one might add, a well deserved retirement age. It has reached Medicare entitlement, according to USA laws. As to full retirement as most countries pushed or are contemplating pushing the retirement age to older age because of economic and political notions, it will reach full retirement age somewhere between 66 and 67 years old. . . according to US laws since its birth date is in 1948. . . Ha-ha-ha. . .
But more seriously, for us, refugees from Arab countries, if we were born in 1948, the same year as the birth of the State of Israel, we have also reach the mature age of 65 years old. . . Retirement age and if we were born before that date, we are now older or much older. . . We have passed much of the years of our lives as refugees. How many of us, original of the some million Jewish refugees from Arab countries are left. . . still living? I do not know if we have an exact number, if research and study has been done on that subject. . . yet perhaps we could observe how many of our contemporaries are still with us and thus we could have an idea about it.
As regards to the 'Compensation of Jews from Arab (and Islamic) Countries' where do we stand right now? How many of us will be compensated for their resulting ill-fated conditions. . . or how many of us have already missed their opportunities to be so compensated? 65 years after the birth of the State of Israel, the antagonism between that state and the Arab countries, the departure of most Jews from these Arab (and Islamic) countries, the complete dismantling of the Jewish communities of these counties and its resulting catastrophic events and conditions, nothing has been corrected.
Let us think about that. Let us remember the lives of those many individuals who have been destroyed and their ensuing sufferance, disappointment and unhappiness/loss of happiness not ever recovered. It says in scripture 'somehow' that who ever killed one individual is as if he/she had killed the entire world. . . or whoever hurt one individual is as if he/she had hurt the entire world. Others also say that spiritual destruction/hurt is even worse than physical destruction/murder. Those individuals who have been spiritually destroyed have to live the rest of their lives in complete disharmony with themselves. Let us remember that. . . Let us remember all the ills, not to say the evils, that the formation of that State of Israel has brought to so many, Jews and non-Jews alike.
Some wants to celebrate that event, the 'independence' of that State of 'Israel' as a joyous occasion, as the 'panacea' , the miracle that made all perfect for all Jews, they want to show, tell and prove the well founded causes of that state with stories of how well it does for itself and its people, show pictures of their 'mqodern' cities with their beautiful and imposing skyscrapers, their young and old enjoying their beautiful beaches, the bars, restaurants and discos, the shining sun of their beautiful and human-made flourishing deserts, their very advanced technologies including their prowess in military ability and hardware (military power which is indeed anathema to the ideal of the divine redemption of a world of PEACE/SHALOM as envisioned by our prophets such as Isaiah). They want to show/to prove that all are happy in that 'wonderland' , but they should indeed remember all those that have paid the price for the wishes of others. The welfare of some does not compensate for the miseries of others specially when the actions of these first ones are the causes of the conditions of the latter. This is negligence, indifference if not criminal offenses.
Let us hope that the experience of this human venture, 'pseudo' creation of such a state, will teach all wisdom and humility away from greed and arrogance.
Let us hope, wait and work for the real redemption, the true STATE, a STATE OF PEACE/SHALOM in all phases.

Daniel Bivas

M. Daniel Bivas, Agent de Change a la Bourse des Valeurs du Caire et president de la communaute juive du Caire recevant le premier president de la Republique d'Egypte et hero de la revolution, le General Mohamad Naguib a la Bourse des Valeurs du Caire - circa 1952.

Albert Bivas
Published in Los Muestros, no. 91 , June 2013