Maryse Schouella


À linguagem das flores

Le langage des fleurs,
Sont significatifs,
Sachant transmettre,
Sa joie de vivre,
son sourire et sa douceur:

Flowers mean so much,
Knowing how to transmit,
The Joy of Living,
And Keep Smiling:

À linguagem das flores,
São significativos,
À sua alegria de viver,
E seu sorriso doce



Be alert,
Be affective,
Be beneficial,
Be caring to all,
Be competent in your projects,
Be discreet to gain confidence,
Be dynamic,
Be enriching,
Be frank, a vital ingredient,
Be generous/giving love,
Be good-humoured,
Be involving,
Be jovial to all,
Be known overseas,
Be loving,
Be moderate showing your good balance,
Be named in your circles,
Be organized/pleasant,
Qualified/ready/to solve solutions,
Thinking/to unite,
The world


Only in social surroundings,

An acquaintance/or friend,
Is found,
Whereas in need,
One is surrounded,
By our own good walls
This is the result of:


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday belongs to the Past,
Cherishing warm souvenirs,
Of Infancy,
Remembering the early days,
All rooted in our inner-mind,
Perceiving that our family,
Is no longer here,
But of course,
Always present in our mind,
Today is a grace and a joy,
Living and Taking Advantage of,
Life and this wonderful Golden Era,
Known as "Maturity".
God Bless Life and the universe,
All trying to play their part,
Acknowledging gratitude,
Praying above all for health.




Therapy is certainly,
The best aid,
A human-being can allow-himself,
To discover his own space,
Although at times,
It may be harsh and difficult:
It is certainly a vast help,
An endless contribution,
Even more efficient than a,
Faculty/university diploma,
As its´ a human/living experience,
Learning how to keep the ball rolling.

A long-term therapy,
Enables you to develop,
And grow up,
For a period needed,

The termination of a therapy,
Is so moving/gratifying,
Perceiving the path,
One has gone through,

It would always be wise,
To have from time to time,
Some supervision being a positive


A humanistic contribution

The 21st Century has given birth to,
Those Wonderful tools known as,
The Computers serving the purpose,
And enlarging horizons,
At all times,
But a hearty/human dialogue,
Keeps at a distance,
Missing the beneficial opportunity,
To put forward one´s feelings,
Expressing your opinions/reflections,
And thoughts,
People have no time to listen,
Only connected in themselves,
Or if someone would be a contributor,
A V.I.P.,
Enriching your inner-mind,
Being a gratifying process on a,
Long-term basis: maryse@osite.com.br


Uma contribuição humana:

O século 21 trouxe
Ferramentas bastante úteis,
Conhecidas como,
Computadores auxiliando sempre,
Abrindo o espaço,
Mas um dialogo afetuoso/humano,
Permanece à distancia,
Faltando o prazer de se comunicar,
Expressando suas opiniões/reflexões,
E pensamentos,
Às pessoas não tem tempo para a escuta,
Centralizada no seu próprio bem-estar,
Ou se alguém pode ser alguém que possa contribuir,
Uma pessoa referencial,
Enriquecendo seu mundo-interior,
Sendo um processo gratificante,
À longo prazo.



Maryse Schouella,

maryse @ osite.com.br