Life after Egypt is sweet indeed!
by Edna Anzarut-Turner

Seven year old Sasha was playing outside in her back garden, tripped and fell on her left arm.

Oma and Granda found out that alas Sasha had broken her arm when her Uncle Daniel read it on Facebook. 

"Did it hurt Sasha? Did you cry?"

Sasha's rosy cheeked face lit up with a dazzling smile; she did not wish to scare her Oma, but as Oma had taught her that she must always tell the truth, Sasha nodded.

" Of course" she replied. Yes indeed, she had cried. 

Were you worried when you found out Oma?"  

Oma, after a little 'think'. "I believe I was more concerned than worried, but both your mum and dad are doctors, so I knew everything would be all right...also, it is not uncommon for children and adults who are very energetic and very active to sometimes break a limb".

Sasha nodded; as this made HUGE sense; and although Oma always joked and was great fun to be with, she always said things that made sense to Sasha, and both she and her 5 yr old sister Maya thought their Oma was very funny but also very wise, as was her Granda.  

Sasha went on with her story as her Oma and Granda listened :

"At first we did not realize my arm was broken, but as I kept it bent, close to my side, because it hurt a lot when I moved, mummy took me to the paediatrician, who said I must have an x-ray....and after the x-ray we went to the hospital. 

Then Sasha stopped to take a breath....

".....But before we went to the hospital, we had to take Maya for her swimming lesson as this is very important, and at the hospital a friend of mummy took us in immediately, but it was a long night..(Sasha's eyes looked upwards to the heavens to emphasise how long the night had been)

She resumed "....and there were only four colours of cast to chose from so I chose pink...and you can sign over my friends' signature...i prefer yours........and do you want me to tell you what is going to happen at school on grandparents' day?  

You want it to be a surprise? Ok. Are you and Granda coming?" Looking worried at first, her beautiful earnest face broke into a HUGE DAZZLING smile of happiness when I said we wouldn't miss it for the world.   

Then five year old Maya bent over and kissed Sasha's cast. 

And so her mummy, daddy, Granda and Oma all said "Oooooh, isn't that sweet!  Maya you are such a lovely girl! and Gryphin and William woofed in agreement, wagging their Airedale tails.

And Sasha and Maya giggled and squirmed with happiness. 

And Oma thanked God that her and Granda's three sons and four of their six grandchildren were born in a democratic country with a parliamentary monarchy, while the other two were born in a presidential democracy, far away from the racist insecure political tinderbox country where she had been born.  

Granda's and Oma's descendants would be free to wave the Israeli flag on Yom Haatzmaut, and they would succeed and flourish without worrying about being Jewish and/or fear of publicly showing their allegiance to the State of Israel! Notwithstanding the fact that they will always be true to Britain and the North American countries where they were born. 

Life after Egypt is sweet indeed!

Edna Anzarut-Turner
(Quebec) Canada,
6 May 2014

©copyright 2000-2014, Edna Anzarut Turner

©copyright 2000-2014, Edna Anzarut Turner

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