The Karaites

An introduction

by David Elishaa


Just a few lines to explain it.

It is a Judaic sect that goes back for centuries. They follow the written Torah only.

Many books were printed in different languages about them. They lived in Europe, Asia and Africa. To learn more about them you can search the web, look in the Jewish Encyclopedia, or if you live in big cities visit the public libraries. In the United States , you can ask for a book titled " The Karaite Jews of Egypt" by Mourad el-Kodsi.

Now about the Family Tree. It took me more than 20 years to build, search, and make the Family Trees of mostly those that are born in Egypt and they are more or less all related to each other. I added many names from books or information gathered from Karaites living in different countries.

I hope that you will enjoy finding your relatives in the list.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Alain Farhi and Mr. Ronny Schaul for their help.



David Elsihaa
San Diego, California, USA
April 2003